Bet on fun e-sports games with jiliko, a real money gambling website

A jiliko is an online casino betting service provider. that many gamblers are well known There are betting games from many game camps. brought to these gamblers to bet together Which is another betting game that many people like very much, which is the eSports betting game, on which the website jiliko has brought this game. Come to those who like to have access to the original as well, which has a lot of esport games to bet on. Today we are going to introduce an esport game that is popular with many gamblers.

Bet on esports games On the jiliko online casino website that is popular with a lot of gamblers

The jiliko recommends esport games from various gaming camps for those gamblers to choose from. There are esport games that are popular and have a lot of players as follows.


Valorant is a fighting game that is divided into 2 teams, where each team must fight within a certain time to defeat their opponents, can buy weapons in the tournament to be effective in defeating their opponents. easily Which is considered a game that is very popular nowadays.

FIFA Online

It is another esport game that has gained a lot of popularity, transforming into a football game, thus allowing people who love to bet. With the format of a virtual competition where competitors are 2 teams, the rules of the competition are the same as football games, but the duration of the competition is shorter. Which can be considered as the most popular online esport game of all time.

Dota 2

The popular esport game that many people are best known for has a team play style of 5 players where you have to choose a hero to fight your opponent, where if the team destroys the opposing tower first will be. The winning side went immediately. In this game, during the play, players from both teams can also buy items to strengthen their hero characters, which will be leveled up gradually. Of course, this game is a game that has been played for a long time, so it is very popular with gambling enthusiasts.

In esports betting on the jiliko website, free credits are considered popular with many gamblers. But the format and the high payout ratio makes these bettors love to bet and watch the matches live through the website.


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