How are e-sports betting on Jiliko website? How many types of bets can be placed?

Esports is another form of sports game. that are newly developed and is growing in the modern era which is a sports game that can build a career and generate income for those who play games And there are players who are very interested in history. And of course, it’s not a one-time monetization. But caused by competitions according to various programs As everyone knows, taking a simple example is Dota2 with The international Dota2 Championship. This jiliko sports game has high stakes. and circulating a lot of money in the system which bets in the form of sports games It has a lot of similarities. For example, football and today we will take you to see how many forms of esports can be bet and how. What types of bets can be played?

E-Sport betting formats

Betting options are available based on the schedule of each game. If any jiliko game is scheduled There will be bets to choose from, such as bets on Dota2, a MOBA game. And there will be competitors for you to choose to bet on all the time But if a FPS game, for example, is a well-known game. counter-Strike There will be competitions at intervals each month or for periods of time. by betting on each game There may be different formats, so the jiliko website would like to explain the methods and betting patterns to be easily understood.

Over and Under bets

It is the bet Decide on the outcome of the match, win-lose, by guessing in a number format, for example predicting the score. or the total score count, etc.

winner bet

It is to predict the outcome of a match within that game or within that match, which team or side will be the winner. will receive a prize money according to the results of the guesswork, etc.

Handicap-Minor Betting

It is to bet on the winner model with negotiable price which means that it must be on either side with more handicap or it may be a handicap that is inferior If you guess which side is correct, you will receive the prize money.

In-Play Betting

It is that the gambler Can use the time of the contest to decide which side has a greater chance of winning. But there may be less payouts than other types of predictions.

Set Betting

It is to predict the outcome of each team’s match where no players are selected or the match is played 1-1, which is to predict the result and the team if you guessed correctly. will receive the prize money

Our jiliko website Has brought this kind of sports game for you to choose to play in many types. You can choose to play as you like. Whether it’s a MOBA game or an FPS game, both types can be played. depending on the aptitude and your own understanding If you are interested, you can apply to become a member with us.


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