The jiliko Sic Bo online Betting games that has been with people for all ages

Sic Bo is a gambling game that has been with people in every era, every time. It is a game that all players know well. Especially in every province of Philippines, when there is an event, there will be a band playing dice. Almost every job that has it all Outstanding with a method of playing that is easy to understand. Knowing results quickly. How to play jiliko Hi-Lo is very easy. Sic Bo games are therefore a popular gambling game that has captured the hearts of gamblers of all ages, rankings with a playing style that players can bet on multiple pages and without limits. and dice online There are also multiple payout rates. Players will definitely enjoy the thrill of the sound of shaking. The best online gambling games are modern, active, join the fun of gambling continuously for 24 hours. Win a continuous profit every day. It is another gambling game that is ready to entertain and make money every day. and at present was developed to be more modern Allows players to play online via the web, via mobile phones, can play anywhere, 24 hours a day, convenient for every customer. If you are interested, you can apply for Sic Bo online with us.

The jiliko Hi-Lo game, easy to play, good profit The hottest game right now

If anyone who likes a variety of betting games Recommend players to try playing Sic Bo online. Guarantee that all the formats that are available are definitely more than ever seen. That means players will have a chance to win bets and get money easily. And we still have stable money, fast deposits, withdrawals, service with a professional team. There are foreign team members to provide everyone with complete comfort. play anywhere Every time we have a good recipe for you. That’s the bet. Toad bets are considered a more profitable form of play. By allowing players to observe the game backwards to see what points were issued the most to play according to that score mainly and play the minor followed by such as 5 most out, 4 minor out and 3 least out, let the gambler choose bets 5 and 3, standing on the best ground Sic Bo online for real money It’s like betting on Tod. But the favorite bet Will play only when we are confident that the points that have been issued the most Will be issued more and more, such as 6 out of the best, bet on 6, will get a lot of money faster because there is a high payout rate, a simple way to play dice

The jiliko Hi-Lo payout rate

1. High-low bet, the payout rate of this dice pattern is 1 to 1, bet multiplied profit 2, bet 100 will get 100 profit, if lost, lose 100

2. Bet on triple numbers, betting in this format is a bet that thinks that the numbers will come out the same for all 3 numbers, if we bet 3, the payout rate of this dice pattern is 1 to 150, which is the highest paying number.

3. Toad. This form of betting is to bet 2 points at a time. 2 of the 3 dice will have the same number as 2 balls.

4. Teng bet is a bet on points 1-6 if 1 in 3 dice, the payout rate of this dice pattern is that we get 1 pay, that is, bet 100 baht, if correct, get 100 baht, but if 1, 2, get 1 to 2.

5. To bet on even numbers The payout rate of this Hi-Lo pattern is to pay 8 times the amount we bet. By choosing 1 number bet and expecting that all 3 dice have numbers that are countered The result came out the same for both balls.

6.Tang Tod Tong, the payout rate is 24 times the amount we bet. With all 3 dice come out with the same 3 numbers, we don’t need to set numbers. Just be a triple number.

7. Numerical betting Starting from 4-17, the payout rate is as follows: 1/6 payout will have numbers 9-10-11-12, pay 1/8 will have numbers 8-13, pay 1/12 will have numbers 7- 14 payouts 1/14 have numbers 6-15, payouts 1/18 have numbers 5-16, payouts 1/50 have numbers 4-17.


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