The jili7788 Blackjack: Learn the rules of playing blackjack. Exciting card games!

Cards are an important tool in finding winners in gambling. Or who will make money, depending on personal preference, which gambling games that require playing cards are considered to be very diverse. One of the games that I would like to recommend to everyone is backjack. Europeans have been playing jili7788 for a long time, and gradually, people in our country are more and more interested and ready to play, and anyone who is interested wants to know what the rules of the game are. How to play correctly let’s learn with jili7788.

Rules for Playing the Game of Blackjack Blackjack

As mentioned earlier, backjack is a game that Europeans like to play. Among them, when it comes to our house, it is often called the game of blackjack, because the hand cannot exceed 21, but in order to fully understand the rules and regulations, let’s learn how to play together. The guarantee is easy and you will enjoy every opportunity to bet on this game. We recommend that you have fun with us.

In the case of playing a casino or an online casino, the chips must be exchanged successfully. But if they play by themselves, they can gamble with cash immediately. This jili7788 game requires a dealer. Know who will win the cards between the player and the dealer. Bet the same amount the first time. The dealer (and if playing between them, the dealer) will then deal cards to complete the cycle. Start with all 2 cards face down by turning clockwise. The dealer is dealt a face-up card, so players can guess the approximate number of cards in your hand. It’s a win and an opportunity to buy card insurance.

This time, it’s time to play backjack betting. As a player, you must know that you can have any number of cards in your hand in this game. However, the final total score must not exceed 21 points. If a card is drawn and exceeds the total score, it will be regarded as an immediate loss. There is no need to win at all, so the idea is to try to score as close to 21 as possible, but never exceed the aforementioned score. This time, when the player has completed all the cards, they will enter the game, including:

The player calls “Hit” and wants to draw 1 more card.
A player calling “Stand” means they are satisfied with their hand.
The player is called Double-Down, which means that the player wants to draw 1 more card, wants to double the bet than the first card, such as betting 100 baht, wants to add 100 baht, etc. However, most of this method must be used for people who are confident that the total hand of the next card they receive will not exceed 21 points, because if it exceeds it means that the total investment will be lost immediately.

A player bid split means that the player has 2 cards of the same rank. Therefore, the right to split such cards into 2 piles, i.e. play 2 hands instead, can bet on the 2 piles with the physical presence.

The person who will bid is to start with the person to the left of the dealer and continue to work out who is who and how. If anyone’s total exceeds 21, they must fold immediately as they are considered in this game. lose. As for those who keep playing, keep playing until at the end no one calls again, they roll over to see who has the closest score to 21 or 21, and they will win immediately.

Backjack Points and Payouts

Once the basic rules are fully understood, I would like to move on to discussing counting card games like backjack. Help everyone understand better than ever by counting the number of points on your face, which consists of 2-10 equal to your face, and an ace has the value 1 or 11, depending on the situation (for example, if you get a ace , 2, 8, which would give A = 11 a win. Yes, 21 if A, J, 7 would give A = 1 point), J, Q, K in a blackjack game equals to 10. Generally speaking, there will be a payout rate of 1, i.e. bet 100 pesos, if you win, you will get 100 pesos from the dealer, but if it is the first round of the game, if you indulge in 21 points, There would be a payout ratio of 3:2, for example, invest 200 pesos, get 300 pesos, etc. And card insurance. If the dealer draws an ace, the player must deposit 1x the original investment. And when the bookmaker opens it all up in the form of a jili7788 backjack, they get half the stake. But if the dealer does not get blackjack, it is immediately considered free money. But the dealer can show whether he has aces or not, these are the rules and basic rules of playing jili7788 backjack. It’s not as difficult as you think, everyone can understand it and have fun.



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